A Strong Energy Future for Deschutes County

The Board of County Commissioners for Deschutes County


Innovations in clean, renewable energy have brought costs lower while reducing air pollution and carbon footprints. Cities and counties across Oregon and throughout the country are bringing their fleets, buildings and energy efficiency into the 21st century and seeing the benefits to their residents and to their bottom lines. If you are a resident of Deschutes County, can you join 350 Deschutes, Oregon Youth Climate Strike and Vocal Seniority in encouraging our County Commissioners to do the same? We'll send out a notice when we have a date to take the petition to the county. Thank you!

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Whereas innovations in clean, renewable energy have brought costs lower, and governments have much to gain by implementing these projects, remaining invested in outdated, polluting energy sources will only drive up costs and continue to hurt our air quality.
We ask that the County begin an evaluation process to determine how to capitalize on the clean energy economy. This includes working with Energy Trust to consider strategic energy management projects and efficiency programs. It also includes fleet evaluation, and comparisons with other fleet modernization programs in place throughout Oregon which provide incentives and guidance as they support the transition away from dirty fuels.
Lastly we ask that you consider how you can support and incentivize these energy, efficiency, and cleaner fuel programs so that residents and businesses can also participate in them throughout the cities, towns, and rural areas of Deschutes County.