Absentee Voting is NOT a Political Issue

Missouri Governor Mike Parson


Governor Mike Parson said in a recent press conference that absentee voting is "political issue." That is simply absurd. No one should have to choose between their health and their right to vote. It isn't a political issue at all. What is wrong with politicians trying to suppress our right to vote?

Ensuring that everyone can vote safely is an American issue. It is in our values as Missourians and Americans. Governor Parson's comments are wrong and we should be ensuring everyone has the right to vote not suppressing it.

Tell Governor Parson that ensuring that everyone is safe when they vote is NOT a political issue.  

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To: Missouri Governor Mike Parson
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Governor Parson,

Voting is an American right. I expect the state of Missouri to enable voters to cast a ballot without endangering the health of our families. Absentee voting isn't about politics, it's about protecting the lives of those we love. Please do everything possible to make absentee voting in Missouri accessible and safe.