Add My Name: Stop the sham review of the 2020 election

PA State Senate

Some members of the PA legislature are still obsessed with the 2020 election.

The far-right partisans behind this scheme just held their first hearing -- and it was nothing but more politically-motivated theater. The ringleader, Senator Cris Dush refused even basic transparency about how he’d spend the taxpayer dollars funding his crusade.

This hearing is their latest attempt to copy the Arizona GOP’s embarrassing attempt to overturn their state’s election result -- which destroyed ballots and voting machines, and spread lies meant to undermine voters’ faith in our election system along the way.

Three other committees have already held hearings on the 2020 election results -- all taxpayer funded, and none finding anything wrong. But that hasn’t stopped Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman from asking this newest committee to issue subpoenas for the Department of State and our voter registration system -- which they’re voting on this Wednesday.

In the middle of a surging pandemic, our politicians need to focus on helping actual Pennsylvanians, instead of re-litigating a settled, verified, and fair election.

That’s unacceptable -- these lawmakers have wasted enough of the public’s money in their fruitless attempt to validate former President Trump’s conspiracy theories. If you agree, can you speak out today?

To: PA State Senate
From: [Your Name]

According to multiple nonpartisan reviews, this year’s elections were safe, secure, and more accessible than any in Pennsylvania’s history. Instead of trying to make a name for themselves by attacking our democracy, our state Senators need to end this latest attempt to rehash the 2020 election and get back to work.

Pennsylvanians shouldn’t be forced to subsidize selfish politicians’ fantasies and political ambitions. We’re calling on the Senate to stop these hearings now, and get back to the job voters elected them to do.