Add Your Name: Tell the CFPB not to let predatory lenders use a loophole to evade lending laws and rip off struggling working families!

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

More and more often, "early wage access programs" are being created that allow workers to access wages they have already earned ahead of their regular payday.

Here's the catch: Many of these programs charge you for accessing your own money. These are little more than a re-packaged "payday loan" with fees designed to rip off working people.

We are taking immediate action to demand policymakers protect consumers and regulate this industry by closing the loophole allowing mobile apps to bypass the law and rip off working families.

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Tell the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

We demand the Bureau eliminate or significantly alter the “innovation” programs adopted in the last few years, which have resulted in a secretive, one-sided process created by industry to undercut, seek exemptions from or even outright ignore critical consumer protection laws without any input from consumers, competitors, or the general public.

For these reasons, we call upon the CFPB to:

- Treat earned wage access products as credit;

- Rescind the EWA advisory opinion, or revise it to focus only on whether providers of free programs are “creditors” covered by TILA;

- Revisit and potentially revoke the PayActiv approval order after affording PayActiv due process;

- Conduct research on the impact of earned wage access programs;

- Terminate or significantly revise the Advisory Opinion Program and Compliance Assistance Sandbox program and revisit the Bureau’s other “innovation” programs