Add your name: Thank you, FCC, for standing up to Big Cable

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

February 26, 2016 marks the one year anniversary of the FCCs historic vote to protect net neutrality under Title II.

When we started our campaign, it was “politically impossible.” In the end, the fight over net neutrality mobilized over 4 million comments at the FCC—the largest public comment response on the record of any federal agency.

Since then, Chairman Wheeler and FCC commissioners Clyburn and Rosenworcl, have been empowered to take Big Cable head on—with the support of the grassroots.

The FCC has taken measures to protect an open internet, counter media consolidation by stopping mergers, expanding broadband access to low-income and underserved populations, and break the stranglehold of Big Cable to ensure that equity of access is available.

On this anniversary, we want to say thank you to the FCC for being a champion of consumers and the public. Please, add your name.
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To: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
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Thank you for being awesome. You have repeatedly shown that you stand with the public over Big Cable and we greatly appreciate your efforts. Please continue to stand for an open internet and against media consolidation, and opposing the anti-competitive practices of Big Cable.