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Do you know that there are over one million workers in New York City who don't have paid vacation?

Domestic workers are among the workforces that have limited paid time off. Under the New York Domestic Workers Bill of Rights that passed in 2010, domestic workers are only entitled to three days off.

Vacation and time off from work is associated with improved health, lower stress, lower likelihood of depression, and more happiness at home and at work.

Workers taking time off is associated with higher morale, higher retention, less burn-out and higher productivity.

The petition is also sponsored by the Office of the NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams

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As Hand in Hand members and supporters, we urge you to pass Intro. 800 - Paid Time Off

Every hard-working employee needs and deserves paid time off to address their health, family and other fundamental life needs. The U.S. is the only economically advanced country which does not guarantee paid personal time for workers. While European workers are guaranteed at least 20 – some as many as 25 or 30 – paid vacation days per year, one in four Americans do not receive any time off whatsoever.

The lack of paid personal time is particularly acute of low wage workers. As of 2019, only 52 percent of low-wage workers across the US have at least one day of paid personal time. And the problem persists in New York City, as just 38 percent of low-income New Yorkers are guaranteed paid personal time.

Intro. 800 aims to create a healthy and productive workforce by providing paid vacation time for 3.4 million hardworking New Yorkers. New York City would be the first in the nation to provide such benefit.