AdFac United's Petition for Healthcare / Fair contract


The time for a fair contract for adjunct faculty in the North Orange County Community College District is now. Sign this petition to support Adjunct Faculty United's demands for healthcare, fair pay and job security. Better adjunct faculty working conditions = better student learning conditions.

From: [Your Name]

I stand with the members of Adjunct Faculty United, and respectfully urge the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) to agree to a fair contract that provides students and faculty with the colleges that our community deserves. Healthy and equitable faculty working conditions create stronger learning conditions and lead to successful student outcomes. All faculty who work hard to support our students should have:

- Full healthcare benefits.
- Better job security.
- Pay parity with full-time faculty (Equal-pay for equal-work)
- Paid time off for parental leave and bereavement.

Adjuncts comprise the large majority of the NOCCCD faculty whom our students are counting on. Now that the state of California has begun to fully fund part-time faculty healthcare for community college districts, please agree to expand this much needed benefit as soon as possible. Additionally, stability and fairness at work remains paramount as we strive for excellence as a district.

I stand with Adjunct Faculty United for fair, equitable and healthy working conditions for all faculty in NOCCCD.