Prioritize Working People & the Planet in Indo-Pacific Trade Deal

IPEF Trade Negotiators

This May, trade ministers from 14 countries across the Pacific Rim will gather in Detroit to continue negotiating the proposed Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) trade agreement.  

This massive new pact is poised to set rules governing approximately 40% of the global economy — rules likely to affect jobs, wages, climate policy, consumer privacy, AI accountability, civil rights and more in your community and throughout the world.

Join us in calling for the needs of working people and the planet to take priority over the interests of big corporations in any final Indo-Pacific trade deal.  

To: IPEF Trade Negotiators
From: [Your Name]

For the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) trade negotiations to advance a new worker-centered, climate-friendly trade model, please ensure that any final pact (1) includes strong labor and climate standards backed by facility-specific, rapid-response enforcement penalties for violations ; (2) excludes Big Tech-favored “digital trade” rules that undermine consumer privacy, data security, AI accountability, algorithmic transparency and anti-monopoly policies; and (3) utilizes a transparent and accountable negotiating process that includes the release of draft texts for public review.