Ask the Candidates: Which Side Are You On?

Candidates seeking the endorsement of AFT Connecticut and/or affiliated local unions in 2018

Out-of-state special interests are taking advantage of Connecticut's freedom of information (FOI) laws in order to exploit union members' privacy. A shadowy network of billionaire-funded think tanks have requested public agencies hand over their employees' names and personal information.

While outrageous, these tactics are not surprising. They're common in states where politicians rolled-back negotiating rights of teachers, firefighters and nurses; anti-worker forces followed those attacks with deceptive public relations campaigns aimed at union members.

Our petition drive was launched as part of a wider, collective response to this scheme and the billionaires bankrolling it. Join us in demanding candidates seeking our union's support choose which side they're on — Connecticut's working families or the radical forces bent on silencing our voices.

Note: your cell phone, email, local union and worksite info is for tracking participation - only names and cities will be included on actual petition provided to candidates.
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To: Candidates seeking the endorsement of AFT Connecticut and/or affiliated local unions in 2018
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We are outraged at deep-pocketed special interests bent on exploiting our state’s Freedom of Information (FOI) laws to wage a deceptive campaign against Connecticut working families. Out-of-state "think tanks” are attempting to get their hands on public employees' personal information — including birthdates, compensation and e-mail addresses. The groups responsible are part of the same billionaire backers who pushed the Janus vs. AFSCME Council 31 lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court.

We know what to expect next based on past experience in states where politicians pushed power grabs similar to the Janus plaintiffs' arguments. They will violate public employees' privacy and their freedom of association in order to weaken and eventually give up those rights.

We believe that any candidate seeking our support should take a strong stand against this shameful scheme — and the dark money forces behind it. By signing this petition as a union member, you are sending a message that you won't back anyone who can't answer the question, "Which Side Are You On?," with an unequivocal commitment to the working women and men of Connecticut.