Ask the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection to protect the over 80 children under the abusive care of Reverend Lawrence Lamina in Echoing Hills Village.

Minister of Gender, Child and Social Protection

Twenty-eight days ago, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and the Tiger Eye team released a documentary that chronicled human rights abuses against children within the Echoing Hills Village orphanage and child care centre.

In the documentary, manager of the orphanage, Reverend Lamina, was seen physically abusing some children and threatening a young boy with a knife while hitting him as he lay helpless on the floor. Other children who needed care were neglected, while the video further revealed that the manager sells donated items on the market for his personal gain.

It's been over a month and government agencies responsible for protecting children are looking on as more than 80 children are still living under the care of Reverend Lawrence Lamina.

Every child deserves to have their basic human rights protected, and orphans or children living with disabilities are no different. As per the Convention of the Rights of the Child to which Ghana was the first signatory, the responsibility for caring for Ghana’s vulnerable children lies with government. To that end, we ask you to lend your support as a change agent to ask the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection to move this case forward and demand the following immediate measures:

1 . Full scale investigations into the report on the cases of abuse uncovered by Tiger Eye.
2 . Government must hold to account the owners and managers, and any police or social workers who may have been neglectful in their duty of care.
3 . Trauma rehabilitation services for the children, such as psychologist support, over at least a year.
4 . Tracing and reintegration for the children, into families, with packages from government for their long-term sustainable health and education.

It is important that those responsible for the abuse, maltreatment, mismanagement, gross negligence and stealing of food meant for the orphans are made to face justice. This petition is to request full scale investigations of possible criminal misconduct of Echoing Hills and personnel associated with the orphanage including its director, Rev. Lawrence Lamina.

We are counting on you - our community of activists and supporters of human rights, to do all you can to ensure this case is moved to the next stage, as we engage news media to rally support from the public, send letters, make calls and spread awareness on and offline to all who have the power to act and make tangible change.

Without holding those responsible to account, we run the risk of confirming the worst: that despite the hard work to uncover the harsh realities of misconduct in the non-profit world, those in leadership positions will remain unchecked at the expense of vulnerable children.

Please sign this petition, take the steps asked of all of us, and share with everyone you know to expand our reach, setting the invaluable precedent of holding responsible those who place their beneficiaries in danger. Collectively, we owe these vulnerable children a duty. Every signature counts.

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