Assemblyman Frazier - Rescind Your Endorsement of Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston

Assemblyman Frazier

This is really shocking.

Contra Costa Sheriff Livingston is at it again. They just revoked access for the volunteers from CIVIC to visit immigrant detainees at the Richmond jail (WCDF).

Since immigrant detainees have no constitutional right to a lawyer, the CIVIC volunteers are sometimes the only people they can talk to about their case, or their only contact in the outside world if their family is far away or can't visit.

The Sheriff is falsely claiming that the CIVIC organization posed a 'security and safety hazard to the WCDF' based on their 'emails, phone calls, radio and newspaper interviews.'

The issue is that CIVIC has received recent media attention and our ICE and Trump loving Sheriff doesn't like that.

Sorry Sheriff Livingston that you feel so threatened-- but people and organizations have a First Amendment right to advocate for better conditions at the jail!

Support CIVIC by signing the petition below to pressure State Senator Steve Glazer to rescind his endorsement of Sheriff Livingston immediately.

Thank you!

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To: Assemblyman Frazier
From: [Your Name]

It has been brought to our attention that Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston has just revoked access for the nonprofit organization CIVIC to detainees in the West County Detention Facility. CIVIC has been monitoring conditions in the facility and providing legal advice to detainees. These services are vital if detainees are to be treated as people with dignity and rights.

This decision by Sheriff Livingston is only the latest in a long series which demonstrate his hostility to Contra Costa residents who are undocumented immigrants - including long-time residents who have contributed a great deal to the life of this county.

You have also endorsed David Livingston for re-election, and have maintained that endorsement in spite of requests from numerous constituents that you withdraw it. We expect you, as an official who has endorsed this Sheriff, to use your influence to help reverse the decision. It is contrary to values you have committed to us, your constituents, to uphold.

Could you please reply in writing to this letter, giving us your position on Sheriff Livingston’s decision to revoke CIVIC’s access to WCDF detainees, as well as your specific reasons why he is deserving of your endorsement.

If you do not oppose the Sheriff’s decision, we expect you to justify it in specific terms consistent with the values of protecting all Contra Costa residents, which you have publicly claimed to stand for. Trust in the judgment of a Sheriff who has shown himself an enemy to those values would not meet this standard - and your silence on the question would itself be a statement.

If you cannot provide specific justification, then we expect you to publicly oppose this decision, and to use your influence to urge the Sheriff to reverse it.