Axe Drax: Our demands to the UK government

Grant Shapps and the UK Government

Drax, the UK's single biggest carbon emitter, is celebrating record profits at almost double of last year. On top of that, Drax received more subsidies than profits from a charge added to your energy bill.

We demand this ends. And we will hold the government to these demands. We will challenge Drax in the courts, we will protest at your events and will will disrupt business as usual until our money is being used to fund real solutions for the benefit of all, just not a wealthy few.

Join us and sign the demands to the UK Government.

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To: Grant Shapps and the UK Government
From: [Your Name]

Dear Grant Shapps,

Your department is responsible for destruction around the world, for funding Drax's environmental racism and for propping up and industry that is simultaneously being dragged through the courts by another Government department for over a decade of profound harm to workers.

You also know this is not popular by your own studies. Biomass as energy production is expensive, destructive and an ecological disaster. Here are our demands:

Governments and corporations be honest: biomass causes irreparable damage to the health of people and our life support systems. Classifying burning trees as renewable is a scam and the government is making us pay for it.

Remove the £ billions in subsidies given to Drax and other biomass power stations in the UK. This money funds death and destruction around the world, harming POC and poorer communities the most whilst corporations profit. If we stop the money, we stop the destruction.

The £ billions given to biomass should be used to fund a just transition: furlough; retrain and transfer workers in the biomass industry; invest in education, affordable housing and health; fund genuine renewable energy. We must develop a plan of moving away from profit motives, which are fuelling the climate crisis, towards community based solutions.


We will be holding you accountable to these demands. We will target you in your events, in the courts and on the streets until we see these met.