House Leadership: #BanBribes in PA!

Speaker Turzai, Minority Leader Dermody

Bribery is legal in Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania is one of only eight states with no limitations on what kinds of gifts lobbyists can give our legislators, and Pennsylvania consistently receives failing grades in ethics. The Electoral Integrity Project of 2016 ranked Pennsylvania the fifth most corrupt state in the country. When lobbyists from the pharmaceutical or natural gas industry have the freedom to bribe legislators legally, it's no wonder that we can't pass Medicare for All or ban fracking in Pennsylvania!

For the past two years, MarchOnHarrisburg has spent countless hours inside the People's House in Harrisburg, lobbying 250 out of our 253 legislators about a common sense gift ban that places restrictions on what lobbyists can gift (bribe) to our legislators. Because of our efforts, HB 1291: Gift Ban was introduced by Representative Tina Davis and Rep. Tom Murt on April 17!

Now, we're taking to the streets, marching 105-miles from Philadelphia to Harrisburg from April 27 - May 6, to demand action!

Support our democracy warriors while they are marching and show House leadership that we want a gift ban!

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Speaker Turzai and Minority Leader Dermody:

Pennsylvania is one of the most corrupt states in the country. The Electoral Integrity Project of 2016 ranked Pennsylvania the fifth most corrupt state in the country and PA is one of only nine states without limitations on what lobbyists can gift to legislators.

For the last few years, a historic grassroots effort has educated, organized, and mobilized the people of Pennsylvania to fight against corruption by advocating for commonsense, bipartisan reforms, like a gift ban.

Corruption, like unfettered gift-giving by lobbyists, disconnects the people of Pennsylvania from the decisions that govern our lives. Corruption violates trust and destroys the foundational relationship between government and governed. Corruption silences the voice of the people and prevents progress on every issue affecting Pennsylvanians.

You have the power to help corruption by working to pass the gift ban.

Stand with the people of Pennsylvania, not lobbyists and large donors, and show the Commonwealth that bipartisan reform is possible!