Bath Doesn’t Need Another Lidl

Bath Rugby

Bath Rugby training ground wooded area at risk from new Lidl store

Dear Bath Resident,

Thank you for signing the open letter below to Bath Rugby, asking the club to think again before selling off a parcel of riverside woodland and sports training grounds to make way for a second Lidl in Bath.

The people of Bath have long supported Bath Rugby, at matches and by sharing our city with their fans. We ask the club now to consider how they may give back to their community.

We need more nature for our children and less traffic and air pollution.

We don't need another Lidl.

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To: Bath Rugby
From: William Shaw

Bath doesn’t need another Lidl.

We are residents and local business owners of Bath, and this petition is to ask you to place the interests of the community above your business interests.

The pandemic was tough for everyone, most businesses lost money. But we ask you—do you really need to sell off a woodland and sports training ground along the river Avon so Lidl can open a second store in Bath?

Opening another Lidl store on the London Road will mean:

• Losing trees and wildlife in one of the last wooded areas in the city of Bath on the River Avon
• Adding traffic congestion to the already clogged London Road
• Increasing air pollution on the London Road, which has harmful levels of nitrogen dioxide already above EU limits
• Threatening the future of the thriving local independent stores in Larkhall where hundreds of local people are employed
• Inviting in Lidl, the supermarket that received Ethical Consumer’s worst rating for the management of worker’s rights in its supply change

We ask you to have a rethink. How can you best serve the city that loves and supports you? Bath needs more support for its independent local businesses, green spaces and wildlife habitats, and more places for our children to play. Bath needs less traffic and less air pollution.

Bath doesn’t need another Lidl.

Residents of Bath