Healthcare is an Act of Love

Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott

Join us to advocate for people over profits and all community members deserve to be healthy. As a Broward for Progress member we are urging you to sign on to the Healthcare is an Act of Love and Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) monthly letter campaign to urge our Senators to recognize that healthcare is basic human right.

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To: Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott
From: [Your Name]

In this time of crisis, we have three urgent requests at the end of the 116th Congress

The American public desperately needs more assistance during what is now the worst season yet of the COVID-19 pandemic. A new stimulus package must get passed. Tens of millions of Americans are facing a dire reality of precarity, poverty and food insecurity. So, please support the proposal championed by Senators Sanders and Hawley for a new $1200 stimulus check.

Also, we ask you to avoid a government shut-down. We recognize the need to stand for your convictions; but in this hour of crisis, we need a Federal budget passed so that all government services remain fully functional.

Finally, we strongly oppose the dirty energy deal that emerged on Monday from negotiations over the must pass spending bill, which is filled with fossil fuel subsidies and policies that will further entrench dirty energy infrastructure like carbon capture and storage. Pushing through major giveaways for dirty energy at the last second, with almost no time for public scrutiny, is not the way to conduct energy policy in a time of a climate emergency and rampant environmental injustice.

We stand with our environmental allies Food & Water Watch, Friends of Earth, Climate Justice Alliance, and many others in calling upon you to oppose this dirty energy deal and make sure it is not part of an omnibus spending bill. There will be ample time in the new Congress to draft a new energy bill that truly responds to the needs of the people and the planet.

Right now, Congress should focus on supporting communities and people who are struggling because of the pandemic and the climate crisis, not continuing our usage of dirty energy.

Thank you for your public service and, after completing the work of the 116th Congress, may you enjoy a joyous and restful holiday break with your loved ones,