Build back better to address the climate and ecological emergency

The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP

Now, more than ever, we need to think how we live. Please sign our letter, if you live in the Stokesley and Villages area, to show that you want the country to build back better from the Covid-19 pandemic and in so doing address the climate and ecological emergency.

To: The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP
From: [Your Name]

Dear Mr Sunak,

Now, more than ever, we need to think how we live. Now, more than ever, we need to listen. This letter is from a wide and varied group of people and organisations in the Stokesley and Villages area of your constituency who have listened and would now like to speak and be heard. We believe that we can no longer keep on discounting our children and country’s future and need to start paying our carbon bill now.

The Climate Action Stokesley and Villages group has been working on identifying a vision, and actions to realise that vision, for a net-zero carbon area by 2030 where we will have:
• reduced the use of energy in the area and increased the use of renewable energy
• saved the unique natural environment that is local to the area and planted more trees
• increased the availability of sustainable food
• reduced the use of petrol/diesel vehicles
• minimised waste

The signatories to this letter share this vision and are willing to undertake actions to achieve the vision. Action also needs to be undertaken by Government including:

Invest in a mass job creation green and fair recovery programme,
creating good, well-paid jobs across the country focused on decarbonising, upgrading and leveling-up the economy. Jobs to upgrade our housing, build green technology and restore habitats, as well as boosting health, care, education and other sectors that form the base of a world leading low-carbon economy. Locally both agricultural North Yorkshire and industrial Teesside need a vision and continuing support to transition from high carbon intensity jobs to sustainable jobs.

Ensure the UK stops fuelling global injustice
The UK must recognise, and act upon, its huge historical responsibility for the global climate and inequality crises. Our recovery cannot stop at the UK border and should support global progress on tackling conflict, oppression and environmental degradation - this is not a moment to retreat from the world or cut vital aid. North Yorkshire could champion a new sustainable way to live.

The UK must take responsibility and halt the worsening ecological crisis
The UK must drastically step up protection and restoration of our own nature and address our role in global biodiversity decline; including our own consumption of imported products, such as palm oil, from nature depleted areas. Climate change will alter North Yorkshire and now is the time to enhance our local environment to gift it to our children.

We would like the opportunity to discuss our vision for the Stokesley and Villages area in 2030 with you and to hear your thoughts on this and the government's plans to date. We ask that, on our behalf, you write to the Prime Minister about this vision to help with your discussion on how to recover and build back better and we urge you to give your support and vote in favour of the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill 2020 that aims to ensure a safe future for all of your constituents.

Yours sincerely