Call for a Fairbanks Climate Action Plan

Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly



We know that Alaska is on the frontlines of climate change impacts as the Arctic warms twice as fast as worldwide average. We can see the effects with permafrost thaw, floods, wildfires, freezing rain, and more. We also know that we need to be on the frontlines of solutions with a just transition away from fossil fuels towards sustainable energy and economic solutions.

In the absence of leadership from the federal or state governments, we need local governments to lead more than ever –– and many cities are doing exactly that. One key tool for communities to take action is a climate action & adaptation plan, which spells out how a community will reduce climate polluting greenhouse gases, adapt to climate change impacts, and build out a sustainable future with equity for all.

The Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition has been working with Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly members to raise the idea of a climate action plan. They are considering voting on a policy to start a plan this summer, which means it’s time for them to hear that the community demands bold action for climate justice!  

By signing our petition, you join your voice with the many other community members calling for action. We will also follow up with you to let you know about other key ways to raise your voice and move us towards solutions!

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To: Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly
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Dear Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly,

Our home is on the frontlines of climate change –– with the Arctic warming at twice the rate as the rest of the world, we can see the impacts of this crisis firsthand and our health, ecosystems, economy, and community are at stake. We need action now!

The Fairbanks North Star Borough can do its part by developing a climate action plan laying out how we will reduce our contribution to this crisis, transition our community to sustainability, and adapt to the climate change impacts we're facing. We need our community leadership to take this step and initiate real action for Fairbanks!

We are you asking you, our community leaders, to commit to passing a resolution that would initiate the drafting of a climate plan. We need you to advocate for solutions and commit to passing the recommendations from that climate plan into law. Will you stand up for our community and for climate justice?