Call ICE: Release Nan-Hui Jo, Stop Deporting Survivors

Sarah Saldana, ICE; Craig Meyer, ICE


Nan-Hui Jo, loving mother and survivor of domestic violence, is currently at high risk for deportation and permanent separation from her daughter. In 2009, Nan-Hui fled the United States with her infant daughter, Vitz Da, to escape the physical and emotional abuse of the child’s father. Upon her escape, he reported her to authorities for child abduction, which she was unaware of. In July 2014, Nan-Hui arrived in Hawaii on a three-month ESTA visa. She was arrested and detained immediately. Her daughter was handed over to her ex-partner, who now has full legal and physical custody.

Nan-Hui spent nine months in Yolo County Jail, and was denied bail for the entirety of this time. It took five long months before she even went to trial, and her first trial ended in a hung jury. The Yolo County District Attorney aggressively pursued a retrial, which ended in a misdemeanor child abduction sentence. Immediately upon her release from Yolo County Jail, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took her into their custody and transferred her to an immigration detention center, despite her status as a survivor who has multiple immigration applications pending, including a VAWA petition.

Mother and daughter have not seen each other in nearly ten months. In spite of Nan-Hui’s best efforts to love and protect her child, she has been relentlessly criminalized by our justice and immigration systems. We stand with Nan-Hui against an unjust system that criminalizes survivors and immigrants, as well as separates families. We call on ICE to immediately release Nan-Hui and stop all deportation proceedings.  

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To: Sarah Saldana, ICE; Craig Meyer, ICE
From: [Your Name]

I am calling to ask Director Saldana/Meyer to request the immediate release of Ms. Nan-Hui Jo (A 098 906 641) from detention. Ms. Jo is a survivor of domestic violence and has multiple immigration applications pending. She also has an immigration hearing before a judge scheduled, as well family court hearings she will attend. She should not be detained so that she can reunite with her six ­year ­old daughter, who has not seen her mother in nine months, as soon as possible. Release Ms. Jo immediately and do not initiate any deportation proceedings against her.