Calling Bayside City Council to declare a climate emergency

Bayside City Council

We face a Climate Emergency, with disastrous climate change impacts already killing people and threatening ecosystems. With no time to spare and with many national governments failing to take the necessary steps, the onus falls on local government to take up the challenge.

Close to 1000 local and regional government authorities worldwide have already declared a climate emergency and are preparing climate emergency action plans for their communities. As more and more Councils and regional governments take action, and as more and more people understand the magnitude of the threat, national governments will be forced to follow.

Every Council that joins the movement counts and every petitioner will bring our Council closer to making the declaration. Please sign this climate emergency petition.

To: Bayside City Council
From: [Your Name]

We the undersigned hereby petition Bayside City Council to declare a climate emergency and to respond by developing a Climate Emergency Action Plan.