Canberra renters deserve comfy homes

Mick Gentleman MLA, Minister for Planning and Land Management

Renters have the right to a comfy home that is healthy and liveable through summer and winter.

Canberra renters are freezing in winter and sweltering in summer because they’re being forced to live in inefficient ‘glorified tents’ that cost an arm and a leg to heat or cool.

This causes unaffordable power bills and it's bad for our health. It's especially bad for the elderly, people on low-incomes, or people with disabilities. Letting rental properties keep wasting energy is having the worst impact on the people who are most vulnerable.

The ACT Government could change this. They need to introduce energy efficiency standards for rental properties so that the one-in-three Canberrans who rent can have decent, liveable, comfy homes.

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It's time for the ACT Government to institute energy efficiency standards for rental properties in the ACT.

Around one third of ACT citizens live in rental properties. And these rental properties are significantly less likely to be well-insulated. This means that renters are being forced to pay more just to stay comfortable through summer and winter.

This is unfair. And it's wasteful. Simple one-off investments in energy efficiency would save thousands of dollars annually, meaning that all members of our community could afford to live in comfort.

Landlords won't invest in energy efficiency on their own. They don't live in the houses. They don't pay the power bills. And, currently, investments in energy efficiency get less favourable tax treatment than repairs or maintenance.

Introducing energy efficiency standards will mean that all members of the Canberra community have affordable and sustainable options to keep a comfortable home.