Joe Biden - Cancel ALL Student Debt within your first 100 DAYS!

President-Elect Biden and the Biden Administration


President Joe Biden did not cancel ANY student loan debt on day one of his presidency, but he still can within his first 100 days by way of executive action. Student debt cancellation can also be done by introducing legislation to Congress or by including it as a piece of a larger stimulus bill. However, the path to federal student debt cancellation that provides the most direct, clear, and likely path is for President Biden to take executive action.

Young voters, especially young voters of color, played a pivotal role in delivering a victory for the Biden-Harris ticket. The Administration must hear the demands and priorities of our generation! Make sure the Biden administration hears the call by adding your voice to our call to action - sign your name onto the below petition.

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We call on President Joe Biden and his administration to cancel all student loan debt within the first 100 days of his presidency by way of executive action.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a health crisis like we have never seen before and it has generated the most painful economic crisis since the Great Depression. Americans across the country are living through lost jobs and wages compounded by the pre-existing financial crises of a deeply broken healthcare system and exploitative higher education finance system.

Unfortunately, the economic impacts of COVID-19 will continue to ravage American communities for weeks, months and years to come. By alleviating the mountainous burden of student loan debt, the Biden administration will provide desperately needed economic relief and stimulus for millions of families and working people. While student loan debt is a particular concern for millenials and Gen-Z, young people are not alone in this truly intergenerational economic catastrophe. Parents and grandparents take on undue burdens to help their children and grandchildren afford to pursue their dreams of higher education.

As job loss and layoffs continue to shock our labor market, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly cause increased federal student loan defaults. Borrowers in default on federal student loans face having their tax refunds seized and wages garnished at a time when they can least afford it. Moreover, Black and brown communities carry a disproportionate student debt burden. The student debt crisis continues to prevent communities of color and low-income communities from accumulating wealth, purchasing homes, exercising economic mobility, and passing along intergenerational wealth and it is only being made worse by the pandemic. President Biden, you and your administration can stop this from happening!

45 million Americans hold a total of $1.6 trillion in student loans. The cancellation of this debt will provide relief to working people at their greatest hour of need. Borrowers freed of their monthly payments, the average of which is more than $400, will have newfound purchasing power to provide their families with the necessities they depend on and stimulate our struggling local economies. Presidents DO have the legal authority to cancel student debt based on powers outlined in the Higher Education Act. Furthermore, Joe Biden campaigned on student debt cancellation. Now is the time to follow through on this promise.

Signed by the fellow Zero Debt Massachusetts activists in solidarity with our allies in the movement to cancel student debt nationwide.

In Solidarity,