Protect Animals: Cancel the Grand National 2024

UK Government

As a society, most of us would proudly consider ourselves to be animal lovers. But there are industries that exist and thrive in the UK today that are not displaying this love for animals, and in fact are causing many of them unnecessary and prolonged suffering.

Horses forced to compete in events such as the Grand National are made to endure repeated whipping and run in dangerous, “high-risk” events where they may face injury or death. Since 2000, 55 horses have died at the Aintree racecourse, including 15 from the Grand National race itself.

Despite this, research has shown that the majority of attendees of horse racing events like the Grand National are primarily motivated by the social aspect of the event, rather than anything to do with the races themselves. This means that horses are forced to suffer and risk their lives for a part of the event that most attendees are at best indifferent to. These beautiful animals are simply suffering for tradition - and for the gambling industry.

This is unacceptable. Horses, like all animals, have the capacity to feel joy and pain much like we do and should not be forced to partake in dangerous events against their will.

We have an opportunity to come together and build a society that is kind to animals, that considers their pain and their needs, rather than exploiting them for entertainment or food.

As a society, we are becoming more and more aware of the horrors of horse racing, and of the potential for a brighter, kinder future. We have the power to end cruel horse racing in the UK forever - please help us make this happen.

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We are calling on you to cancel the Grand National, due to the harm caused and fatalities of the horses who are forced to take part. There is no place for animal use like this in 2023. Please cease the use of horses in the races.