LUMEN / CenturyLink: don’t exclude union workers from the MLK holiday!

LUMEN CEO Jeff Storey

Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for workers’ rights and unions as part of the struggle for civil rights. MLK famously declared, “The labor movement was the principal force that transformed misery and despair into hope and progress.” Dr. King was assassinated in Memphis while supporting sanitation workers in their union efforts.

Recently, a LUMEN / CenturyLink email informed all staff that as of 2021, MLK Day would be a US company paid holiday for the first time in the company’s history. Yet, union workers were not given the new paid holiday, even after members asked for it. Union workers were told they could bring up the holiday at their next contract expiration, as far away as 2023.  

For LUMEN / CenturyLink to exclude employees who belong to a union from the holiday is directly counter to Dr. King’s message and legacy of fighting for workers’ rights. Sign the petition to LUMEN CEO Jeff Storey telling him not to exclude union workers from MLK Day.

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Leaving over ten thousand union workers out of the MLK holiday sends a message clearly counter to Dr. King’s movement for workers’ rights, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Make it right by giving MLK Day to all workers starting in 2021, not just non-union workers.