Charlie Conner: Separate Yourself From the Freedom Foundation

Charlie Conner, Owner and President of Conner Homes

Charlie Conner, the sole owner and president of Conner Homes, is a long-term board member of the Freedom Foundation, a right-wing extremist group funded by the Koch Brothers. Charlie is not merely a supporter of the Freedom Foundation, his family name sits proudly on the front door of the Freedom Foundation’s office, with the ironic moniker: “Conner Freedom Center.”

The Freedom Foundation poses as a non-partisan think tank, but in reality, they are members of a national network of ultra-conservative millionaires and billionaires including the Koch brothers. They support policies that gut workplace safety, strip environmental laws, and eliminate taxes on the wealthy….anything in the way of their benefactors’ profit margins. They also work closely with white supremacist organizations and groups that seek to undermine LGBTQ rights.

We are calling on Charlie Conner, who has been enriched by home sales to Washington families, to step down as board member of the Freedom Foundation and stop his attack on our region’s working families.

To: Charlie Conner, Owner and President of Conner Homes
From: [Your Name]

Charlie Conner, we the undersigned say NO to your destructive work with the Freedom Foundation.

Washington and Oregon are great places to live thanks to vibrant unions and policies that pay working people a living wage and provide them the benefits they need to support their families. Your personal wealth is a direct result of working people purchasing homes in our communities. Meanwhile, the staff at the Freedom Foundation have been working to send us backward: attacking Washington’s working families, disparaging women, employing bigoted staff, and filing lawsuits to block environmental protections. You don’t get to have it both ways.

We’re asking you to separate yourself from the Freedom Foundation.