Chinese Embassy: Ban Matt Damon #BringHimHome

Chinese Embassy


Oh, Hollywood. Despite the noise we’ve been making about whitewashing, the industry has created yet another random-white-dude-saves-POC blockbuster. A fantasy origin story for the Great Wall of China in which Matt Damon plays the great white hero who saves ancient China from dragon invaders. You can’t make this sh*t up.

Hollywood, you got it backwards. Again. We don’t need white saviors like Matt Damon or Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai protecting our homelands: We need to protect ourselves from the threat of white male Orientalists.

That’s why we’re coming together to boycott The Great Wall and ask the Chinese Embassy to ban Matt Damon from entering the People’s Republic of China.

Seriously, do you want Matt Damon flying into Beijing and Shanghai to promote The Great Wall and its nasty white savior complex BS? Do you want Matt Damon speaking to throngs of Chinese fans, perpetuating the racist notion that only a white man can save our peoples? Boy, bye.

The Great Wall might be a Chinese-funded blockbuster, but it's written by the same old Hollywood white dudes. Seriously, the same white dudes: Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz, the masterminds of none other than The Last Samurai. Hollywood invented whitewashing, and now it's being exported into China. As Asian Americans, we need to stand up to the adoption of these toxic narratives in our homelands.  

Hollywood’s racist, sexist, Orientalism has real world impacts: it feeds into the fetishization of Asian women and creates the context for white male Orientalists like David Bond and Julien Blanc to make a living assaulting women across Asia. It paints “the East” as an authoritarian monolith, fueling political conflict and warmongering. This isn’t just about what happens on the big screen—it’s about how Asian bodies are treated across the globe.      

We won’t sit by and watch as Hollywood doubles down on its racist whitewashing. Join us in boycotting The Great Wall and petitioning the Chinese Embassy to ban Matt Damon. Let’s Make China Safe AgainTM and #BringHimHome.

Tell the Chinese Embassy: keep the Chinese people safe from Matt Damon.

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We won’t sit by and watch as Hollywood doubles down on its racist whitewashing. Let’s Make China Safe Again and #BringHimHome.