City of Eugene needs a Climate Accountability and Advisory Board

Eugene City Council

The City of Eugene will complete its Climate Action Plan (CAP) by January 2020.  Eugene will implement the CAP over the following 10 years in order to reach the Climate Recovery Ordinance targets by 2030. We need a Citizens’ Board that has authority to give direct input on CAP implementation, and that reflects the seriousness and urgency of the climate situation. The Citizens’ Board will help:

  • develop CAP objectives and associated actions
  • define interim evaluation measures to be used for regular updates to Council and the community
  • create an effective community education plan
  • ensure wide dissemination of CAP-related information and progress
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To: Eugene City Council
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We, the undersigned residents of Eugene, support the formation of a Climate Accountability and Advisory Board by January 2020 to give direct input to City of Eugene and other community organizations for the implementation of Eugene’s Climate Action Plan.