Close the Foreign Contributions Loophole

Massachusetts Legislators

A successful democratic self-government requires that elections be decided by those who live there and whose day-to-day lives will be shaped by the outcome. Here in Massachusetts, the Birthplace of the American Revolution, we should act now to protect our own state’s democracy and lead the way to fortifying America’s system of free and fair elections.

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To: Massachusetts Legislators
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I support legislation that would stop foreign nationals from influencing our elections through foreign-owned corporations.

Citizens United opened the door for corporations to pour money into outside political spending. At the same time, it also opened the door for foreign-controlled corporation to spend unlimited money in our elections. It's a loophole that is easily exploited and it needs to be closed.

Bills have been proposed on Beacon Hill that would prohibit a corporation from spending money on Massachusetts elections if a single foreign shareholder owns more than 5% of a company's shares, or if a corporation is owned by 20% or more foreign owners, in the aggregate. I support this type of legislation and ask that you do too.