Crack Down on Wage Thieves in North Carolina!

NC Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry

According to a recent finding by the Economic Policy Institute, employers in North Carolina are stealing $316,000,000 a year from 84,000 people working for just $7.25 an hour. The theft amounts to $3,800 a year each stolen from North Carolinians who can least afford to hire an attorney and take their boss to court. That's why state law gives NC Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry the power to sue these deadbeat employers to recover unpaid wages - something our "Reluctant Regulator" rarely does. Tell Commissioner Berry to do her job and use every tool at her disposal to crack down on wage thieves!

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To: NC Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry
From: [Your Name]

Dear Commissioner Berry,

I am deeply troubled by the findings of a recent report by the Economic Policy Institute showing that 84,000 people working for the minimum wage in North Carolina lose an average of $72 per week to employers illegally capturing 29 percent of their earned wages.

North Carolinians who are victims of minimum wage violations can least afford to take their boss to court, which is why state law gives the Department of Labor the power to sue their deadbeat employers and recover unpaid wages on their behalf.

I urge you to do your job and use every tool at your disposal to crack down on minimum wage violators and ensure that no employer who sinks so low as to pick the pockets of their own workers gets away with it on your watch.