Community Climate Action Plan Must Include Strong, Substantive Strategies!

Mayor Russell and the City Council of Bend, Oregon

The Community Climate Action Plan is the result of hard work on the part of many different Bend stakeholders: local businesses, city officials, residents, experts, youth and environmentalists came together on the Climate Action Steering Committee to make recommendations for the best strategies to move Bend forward into a clean, sustainable economy. This fall, the city council will be choosing which of these recommendations and strategies to implement - determining what this plan will look like as actual policy. If you are a resident of Bend, can sign this petition and join 350 Deschutes, Oregon Youth Climate Strike, and Vocal Seniority in asking the city council for bold climate action? We'll send out a notification when we get a date to bring the petition to the council. Thank you!

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To: Mayor Russell and the City Council of Bend, Oregon
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Whereas the impacts of a Climate Emergency are being felt now, bringing growing costs to human beings, our communities, and our quality of life, bold steps are needed; both to mitigate these current crises, and protect future generations from having to bear the consequences of our failure to act appropriately. Wildfires threaten homes and neighborhoods. Extreme weather events increase costs for snow removal, water treatment, and infrastructure damage. Our local economy is diminished when smoke and air quality alerts decrease tourism and result in closures of businesses and recreational activities.
Strong, timely action is critical. Fortunately, climate solutions have significant co-benefits for the community. Decreased energy costs and increased efficiency will create savings for all, particularly those in low income households. Promoting clean, multi-modal transportation, as an alternative to the use of polluting fossil fuels, brings health benefits as well as commute options.
To this end, we ask that you support the recommendations of the CASC and implement Community Climate Action Plan with the strongest possible strategies to invest in a sustainable, resilient, and equitable future for our city.