Create a Firewall in the Senate

U.S. Senate

We can still stop Trumpcare. All we need is three Republican Senators to stand with the American people to send Trumpcare down in flames.

Sign the petition today telling all U.S. Senators that Trumpcare will kick 24 million people off of their health insurance while raiding billions of dollars from Medicare and gutting Medicaid, just to hand a $600 billion tax break to the richest Americans.

Stand with Social Security Works to stop the disastrous policies of Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans.

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Today, House Republicans jammed Trumpcare through so quickly that no one, including them, knows the impact of the bill. But we do know that the bill passed today will make Americans sicker and less financially secure. We know that 24 million people will lose their health insurance. And we know that the rich and the healthcare industry will receive tax cuts of $600 billion. This is not what the American people want.

We demand that you reject Trumpcare and protect the health care and financial security of all Americans.