Debate Moderator: Ask About Voting Rights

Chris Wallace


From the cutbacks in polling places and early voting leading to 5-hour lines in Arizona and elsewhere during the primaries, and voters disenfranchised by draconian ID laws in Alabama, North Carolina, Wisconsin and other states, there is a war on voting being conducted across the country.

Both candidates need to answer some tough questions about where they stand on voting rights. But the debate moderators need to step up and ask these questions, so we can hear their answers. This is the third and final debate, and our last chance to hear how they will protect our vote.

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Ask about voting rights in the third and final Presidential debate in Las Vegas. The country deserves to know how the candidates will protect our right to vote (or not).

Do the candidates support restoring the full provisions of the Voting Rights Act? What about automatic voter registration, early voting, vote by mail, same day voter registration? What about preventing voter suppression? How will they make it easier for us to vote, and not harder?