Demand chemical makers pay to clean up their toxic nonstick pollution

CEOs of 3M & Chemours (DuPont)

For decades, the chemical industry has pushed the use of PFAS chemicals in a variety of products for their nonstick and waterproof properties.

And now these toxic chemicals are all around us. They’re in our drinking water, food, and house dust. They’re probably in your body. Studies have found them in the blood of nearly every American tested, including newborns.

It’s time to hold the chemical companies accountable. Let’s make sure that they stop making these chemicals and pay to clean up communities that have been contaminated with PFAS chemicals!

To: CEOs of 3M & Chemours (DuPont)
From: [Your Name]

I am writing to demand that 3M and Chemours pay to clean up communities, people, and the environment that have been affected by PFAS contamination. Your companies have manufactured and promoted PFASs for decades, despite toxicity concerns.

After six decades of manufacture and use, your chemicals have polluted drinking water, wildlife and people. State and local governments are faced with spending possibly billions of dollars to clean up the mess created by these chemicals.

Americans never consented to having PFAS chemicals in their drinking water, much less in their blood. Yet virtually every American has a body burden of these chemicals, including newborns.

Enough is enough. Taxpayers should not have to foot enormous environmental cleanup costs and healthcare costs that are the direct effect of corporate negligence. We demand that 3M and Chemours discontinue producing PFAS chemicals and pay communities generously for the contamination they have suffered at your companies’ hands.