Demand Filipino Workers Are Paid What They Earned


Verizon sends call center jobs to the Philippines where workers are paid less than $2 an hour. Now, the company is doing nothing to make sure some of those workers are even paid their full wages.

During the Verizon strike earlier this year when nearly 40,000 working people walked off the job to fight for good jobs and a better future, workers in the Philippines were forced to work overtime to take calls from Verizon customers.

Some of those Filipino workers - who are fighting for better conditions though an organization called BIEN - reached out to strikers in the US to express their support and desire to fight back against the company's greed. They even held work stoppages and picket lines in support of the strikers in the US.

Thanks to their help, Verizon's massive offshoring operation and their desire to keep it quiet were exposed in the press.  Workers in the U.S. won their strike soon after.

Now Filipino workers need our help.

Management at Tech Mahindra - a contractor that manages Verizon's call centers in the Philippines - is refusing to pay workers the correct amount of wages and overtime pay that they earned. They were also late in payment of both base wages and incentive pay. 50 workers in Cebu, Philippines have even been suspended or fired after taking action to demand the company pay them what they have earned.

Add your name to stand with working people in the Philippines fighting for their livelihoods.

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Require your contractor, Tech Mahindra, to immediately pay workers the wages they have earned and to return all unfairly fired workers back to their jobs.