Demand Governor DeWine veto SB 175- Stand Your Ground

Governor Mike DeWine


Stand Your Ground is an extremely dangerous piece of legislation that would eliminate any duty to retreat before using deadly force. This is a license to kill.

The Ohio State House has already passed Stand Your Ground, and it is currently being considered by the Ohio State Senate and is expected to pass very soon. If this happens, we need Governor DeWine to veto the bill. Gov. DeWine already pledged he would "Do Something" after the Dayton shooting, but we've seen very little leadership from him on this issue. This is his opportunity to lead by example and protect the lives of Ohioans by vetoing SB 175.

To: Governor Mike DeWine
From: [Your Name]

Dear Governor DeWine,

SB 175, Stand Your Ground, is an extremely dangerous piece of legislation. It would eliminate any requirement to retreat before use of deadly force, essentially giving a license to shoot someone, as long as they say they feel threatened.
Research has shown that Stand Your Ground legislation has a disproportional impact on minority communities.

This is your chance to "Do Something", Governor DeWine. Stand Your Ground weakens public safety, encourages violence, and disproportionately impacts Black communities. It's an invitation for people to shoot to kill in public, even when they can safely walk away from the danger—and that's not the type of state I want to live in.

Please, veto SB 175.