Demand Higher Wages and Safety Training for Houston Construction Workers

Houston City Council

Houston City Council is voting whether to give away millions in our hard earned tax dollars to private corporations. The vote could be close -- will you sign our petition to make sure working families benefit too?

A construction worker in Texas is killed on the job once every three days. Shouldn't the City of Houston require safety training to make sure construction workers can go home safely to their family each night on projects that receive special tax breaks from our city?

Texas spends at least $1.76 billion every year in giveaways to private corporations. Shouldn't the companies that receive these special deals be required to ensure that construction workers can live in the city they help build by requiring a minimum wage of $13.55 per hour?

After the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, it's time for our community to make our voices heard. Please take a minute and sign our petition today -- your voice could make the difference!

To: Houston City Council
From: [Your Name]

Dear Councilmember,

I am writing to voice my support for higher wage and safety standards through Better Builder® certification for construction workers on projects that receive tax breaks from the City of Houston.

Better Builder® standards include living wages, OSHA-10 safety training, and workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all construction workers, as well as goals to recruit from Department of Labor-registered apprenticeship programs, and independent on-site monitoring to ensure these standards and all laws are upheld.

These are important components of good, safe construction jobs. But far too often, the men and women now rebuilding our city after the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey are routinely subjected to unsafe working conditions and wage theft.

Mayor Turner has demonstrated his willingness to help make Houston more equitable for all working families. Please join us in ensuring that Houston’s recovery and growth result in middle-class careers for Houston construction workers and their families.


P.S. Houston construction workers deserve to go home each nightly safely to their families, with enough money to live in the city they help build. Please vote to require these standards as soon as possible.