Demand The Board of Immigration Appeals #BringWalterBack

Board of Immigration Appeals

Walter Gozzer-sing is a husband and father of two — who was deported on Friday, March 22, 2019.

Walter was detained at the Miramar Processing Center in Florida as he was attending a routine check-in. He was immediately transferred to Chrome Detention Facility, where he was forced to wait  for his impending deportation.

I am heartbroken. I was with Lily, Walter’s wife and his daughter, when she got the call that he was on the plane. Lily remained strong for him on the phone, but she immediately broke down after saying goodbye. Together, we must demand that the Board of Immigration Appeals reopens Walter’s case so we can #BringWalterBack — add your name to this petition.

Let’s bring Walter home to his family and children in Florida.

Luzhilda from UWD

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We demand that you re-open Walters case and #BringWalterBack. Walter is currently in Peru away from his wife and kids. Bring Walter back home to his family now!