Demand Koch Industries stop attacking the Environmental Protection Agency

Koch Industries

Koch Industries funneled an astounding amount of money into the 2016 elections.

With Donald Trump in office, they've brought their money and power to bear in new ways. One of the top items on their wishlist: hobbling the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They helped install Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator, who was recently forced to step down after being plagued by ethical scandals. Pruitt was an infamous climate-science denier who had previously sued the EPA 14 times.

Koch Industries has used the Trump administration to launch an assault on people and the planet, slashing protections, gutting the US climate commitments under the Paris Agreement, and ignoring the agency's mandate to protect the country's air, water, and land. Make no mistake, even with Pruitt's departure the damage of Trump's EPA (bought and paid for by Koch Industries) will be with us for decades. All this damage, and ruining of people's lives, to enrich fossil fuel corporations like Koch Industries.The EPA exists to protect people and the planet -- not to enrich the Koch Brothers.

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Demand Koch Industries Stop attacking the EPA, spreading climate change denial, and slashing environmental protections.