Demand Meaningful Sheriff Oversight in Marin County!

Marin County Board of Supervisors

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Law enforcement is given enormous power, and oversight is necessary to ensure that power is just and equitable. Unlike police, sheriffs are elected by voters and have no immediate supervision. They are accountable only to the voters. That is why independent, meaningful oversight is necessary to bring accountability, transparency, and greater racial equity to Marin County.

What is AB 1185 and how does it make oversight and accountability possible?

●  Authorizes Marin Board of Supervisors (BOS) to create a Civilian Board and/or appoint an Inspector General to hold the Marin County Sheriff’s Office Accountable

●  Investigates, audits and reviews internal law enforcement investigations, including community complaints and use of force incidents

● Would have subpoena power - authority to investigate and expose misconduct by Sheriff’s department, enforceable in county superior court

Why do we need civilian oversight and increased accountability?  

  • Black and Brown residents in Marin have been over-policed for decades

  • To protect human and civil rights of all Marin residents

  • To make the Sheriff’s Office accountable to the community

  • Increases transparency of Sheriff’s department

  • Gives impacted community members a voice

  • Provides independent investigation of complaints

  • Ensures community involvement

  • Provides confidentiality, anonymity, and protection from retaliation

  • Removes influence from law enforcement in overseeing their own operations

  • Reduces tax payer dollars associated with officer misconduct

    What can YOU do?

    Sign now to let your Supervisor know you want meaningful sheriff oversight under AB 1185!

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Sheriff Doyle has operated for decades without oversight, running unopposed, creating a culture in which public safety is used to justify racist and punitive policing against BIPOC and poor county residents. Independent, meaningful oversight is necessary to bring accountability, transparency, and greater racial equity to Marin County.

- RIPA data shows that the Marin County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) is over-policing Black and Brown people, particularly in Marin City.
- Data gathered by activists show that this has been the case for decades.
- It is well known that the MCSO uses Marin City as a training ground.
- Mental health care in the Marin County jail has been repeatedly criticized by Marin Grand Jury investigations.
- MCSO is currently being sued for violating the law by sharing license plate reader data with out of state and federal agencies (like ICE and CBP).
- MCSO walked away from a failed Use of Force Task Force (2020)
- MCSO's cooperation with ICE creates a culture of fear, forcing immigrants into the shadows.
- Independent oversight is the linchpin of true accountability

Therefore, we call on you, the Marin County Supervisors, to establish a community oversight committee over the MCSO, with full subpoena power, using the stipulations in AB 1185. We further ask that the process of creating the oversight commission focus on the voices of those most impacted by over-policing, our Black and Brown community members.