Stop ICE’s heartless student visa changes

White House

On July 6th, the Trump Administration’s all-out assault on immigration found a new target: student visas. ICE, CBP, and the Department of State issued new rules regarding students studying in the United States.

Just 6 weeks before many schools would start their term, these organizations declared that students attending colleges and universities with online-only models would have to leave the country or transfer to an institution with in-person classes.

This is an unconscionably cruel decision for hundreds of thousands of students, and that’s the point. The Trump administration will do anything in their power to fulfill their xenophobic, bigoted agenda ahead of the 2020 election.

Transfer deadlines have already passed for many colleges and universities. Students may have already secured housing and other obligations ahead of time. Differing time zones create massive problems for online instruction. And since the United States is currently the global leader in COVID-19 cases, returning home undoubtedly will cause issues for many students, and contribute to a heightened pandemic spread.

That’s why we’re taking action by launching a petition to the White House that demands they change course on student visas. Sign your name here to send a message of condemnation against this heartless, careless, and discriminatory policy change.

To: White House
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I am outraged at the last minute policy changes made by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, and the Department of State which would force people on student visas in online programs to return home or transfer institutions. Using a pandemic as an excuse to force foreign students out of the country just six weeks before many academic terms begin is unconscionable. I demand that the White House changes this guidance and reverse course on this heartless, careless, and xenophobic policy.