Demand Vermont State Colleges Cut Contacts with ICE

Vermont State Colleges

Vermont State Colleges have connections and business relations with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and currently maintain this relationship. The mission statements for Vermont State Colleges all reference accepting diversity and creating a safe environment for students to learn. While accepting money from such a systematically immoral institution, we demand that Vermont State Colleges reject funding from ICE or change mission statements to better reflect what they hold as moral ideals. ICE and similar organizations have shown themselves to be an immoral and racist programs at an institutional level, and if Vermont State Colleges want to establish connections with those morals, they must truthfully reflect that in mission statements to incoming students.

Petition by
Mackenzie Murdoch
Bow, United Kingdom

To: Vermont State Colleges
From: [Your Name]

ICE has shown itself to be a hateful and cruel organization in which does not line up with the mission statements for Vermont State Colleges. That being said, we demand that Vermont State Colleges cut business relations from ICE or they change mission statements to take out claims of accepting diverse students. When accepting money from an organization such as ICE, you should not claim to have moral ideals or diversity and equal education.