Democratic Republic of The Congo Child Miner Lawsuit (Against Apple, Dell, Google, Microsoft and Tesla)

Tech CEOs of Apple, Dell, Google, Microsoft and Tesla

Join us in demanding that tech and auto companies being sued on behalf of child miners and their families in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by attorney Terry Collingsworth of International Rights Advocates DO THE RIGHT THING and settle the case.

The legal action is on appeal in the Federal Court of Appeals for District of Columbia Circuit with our groundbreaking case under the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (“TVPRA”) against Apple, Tesla, Google, Microsoft, and Dell for buying cobalt for the lithium-ion batteries that power their products from mining companies in the DRC that use trafficked and forced child labor in the cobalt mines.

Help us apply maximum pressure and assure a victory for the children and their families in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Petition by
Maurice Carney
Washington, DC, Philippines

To: Tech CEOs of Apple, Dell, Google, Microsoft and Tesla
From: [Your Name]

Dear Tech CEO:

I am writing in regard to the lawsuit brought against Apple and a number of other tech and auto companies by International Rights Advocates (IRA), on behalf of Congolese children who either died or were injured in cobalt mines in the Congo.

I know Apple has said that it has vetted its supply chain and only source minerals from industrialized mines in the Congo. However, a recent study by the Geneva Center for Business and Human Rights said "Global buyers engaging in a futile attempt to avoid cobalt associated with ASM ignore the inconvenient truth that it is nearly impossible to separate the flow of ASM cobalt from the larger supply of industrially mined cobalt.”

At its core, this issue is a moral one, an issue of concern to all human beings.

You have the power to resolve it immediately. Apple, with its immense resources, could easily settle this case with the IRA and repair the damage done to the children, their families and their communities. This would distinguish Apple from the other tech giants as a leader in the field of corporate responsibility.

As a consumer of Apple products, I appeal to you to meet with attorney Terry Collingsworth of IRA and arrive at an amicable settlement for the benefit of Congolese child miners.