Devereux Out of Devon! No Child Detention in PA

Board of Supervisors of Easttown Township


Devereux is planning on opening a children’s detention center in Devon, PA. Join us in signing our petition to tell Devereux that they are not welcome in Chester County!

The practice of locking up migrants seeking a better life is a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S and now Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health joins the list of companies intending to profit from that exploitation with a $14 million contract to open up multiple youth detention centers, including one in Devon, PA.

Devereux in Chester County has a history of abuse against young people in their care. Nine employees have been arrested and charged with assault related charges since November and Devereux is currently being sued by another family for negligence that led to multiple sexual assaults under their watch.

Meanwhile, the top 10 executives in Devereux make close to $4 million combined and yet call themselves a non-profit. It is clear to us who is profiting from these new contracts and it most certainly will not be the young people who are in their care.

The abundance of these types of detention facilities sprouting up across the state of Pennsylvania is directly tied to the increasingly inhumane and draconian policies of the Administration. We must continue to resist this rise in migrant detention centers not only in our state but all across the country.

At Juntos we vehemently stand opposed to the expansion of immigrant detention in our state and echo the local community of Devon in demanding that Devereux abandon their plans to lock up immigrant youth immediately.

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The wellbeing of children should always be our priority as a society and Devereux in Chester County has a deep history of abuse against young people in their care.

This history of abuse of minors, the multiple arrests, and the lawsuits from Devereux's irresponsible care of minors proves they cannot be trusted. We, therefore, urge the Board of Supervisors of Easttown Township in Chester County, PA to deny Devereux's plans of opening up a migrant facility in Devon, PA. and to stand with the people.