Tell the San Jose City Council we want abundant & affordable housing at Diridon!

San Jose City Council


San Jose is proposing a major transformation of the Diridon area with the arrival of Google, BART, electrified Caltrain, and high speed rail. This represents a tremendous opportunity to build a new, vibrant, transit-oriented neighborhood in the heart of San Jose. It is essential that this transformation comes with a plan for abundant & affordable housing to address the ongoing crisis of rising rents & displacement in San Jose.

South Bay YIMBY urges the city of San Jose to advance the following principles in its plans for the Diridon area:

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Aaron Eckhouse
Emeryville, California
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Making the most of the Diridon area's transformation will require proactive planning by the city. We urge you to promote:

Abundant & Affordable Housing for All: To match rising demand from job growth, Diridon & surrounding areas must plan for at least 20,000 new homes, with at least half in the station area and at least 25% as dedicated affordable housing for low & extremely low income households.

Seamless Integration with the Surrounding Area: The Diridon area must not be considered in isolation from surrounding neighborhoods and the rest of San Jose. Plan for seamless connections across transit providers & travel modes, between the station area and surrounding neighborhoods, among different land uses within the station area – and for how changes at Diridon will ripple out through the city.

A Great Place for People: Planning for the Diridon area must promote a great, vibrant place where people can meet their needs without depending on cars.