Tell Disney CEO Bob Iger: Don't discriminate against your union employees! Give all your employees the $1000 “tax cut” bonus you promised!

Bob Iger, CEO, Disney

Disney and CEO Bob Iger are discriminating against 41,000 low-wage workers fighting for a better life for their families.

On Jan. 23, Disney CEO Bob Iger joined a number of major corporations announcing bonuses for employees as a benefit from the federal tax cut . At Disney, that meant 125,000 working people would see a payout in the amount of $1,000.

But while Disney offered most Cast Members the bonuses with no conditions, for over 41,000 union workers from Orlando, FL and Anaheim, CA currently in contract negotiations, there was a catch: They must agree to the company's contract proposals.

In December, Orlando’s Disney workers rejected an offer from the company of a paltry 50 cent pay raise -- a far cry from the livable wages they’re fighting for in both Orlando and Anaheim. A new report reveals that 73% of Disneyland Resort workers responding to the survey say they do not earn enough for basic expenses every month, and more than one out of ten Disneyland Resort employees – including 13% of employees with young children – report having been homeless – or not having a place of their own to sleep – in the past two years.

While the federal tax cut will bring Disney approximately $2 billion more every year, $1,000 bonuses for ALL Disney workers would cost Disney only $125 million.

The 41,000 workers in Anaheim and Orlando put in the same effort and take same pride in their work as the 80,000 other workers receiving $1,000 tax cut bonuses with no strings attached. The very least Disney should do is keep its promise to pay the $1,000 tax cut bonus to all 125,000 employees.

Add your name to tell Disney CEO Bob Iger to pay all workers the $1,000 tax cut bonus and go back to the bargaining table with their unions.

To: Bob Iger, CEO, Disney
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The 41,000 workers in Anaheim and Orlando deserve the same $1,000 tax cut bonus as the rest of Disney's U.S. employees with no strings attached.

On January 23, you announced that all 125,000 U.S. employees would get a $1,000 bonus because of the federal tax cut. But now Disney says that over 41,000 unionized workers in Anaheim and Orlando can't get the $1,000 tax cut bonus unless they accept Disney's proposed contracts.

Bob, that's not fair.

80,000 other Cast Members are getting the $1,000 tax cut bonus without having to negotiate. The 41,000 unionized Disney Cast Members in Anaheim and Orlando deserve the same treatment. Pay them the $1,000 tax cut bonus and go back to the bargaining table with your unions.