District 50 Constituents Call for a Public Town Hall Meeting

Representative Duncan D. Hunter


  • Duncan Hunter has held only one Town Hall meeting since his election in November.  
  • The Town Hall was held in a remote location in his district at a venue that could only hold a small portion of the constituents who wanted to participate.  
  • Duncan Hunter has consistently voted the Trump party line.  
  • He does not communicate his positions to his constituents before he casts his votes.  
  • His e-newsletters occur every 3-5 months,
  • His position statements on his website are out of date and do not reflect positions based on the election of President Trump.

It is vital for his constituents to know where he stands on the many issues being proposed by the Trump administration so that he can here what his constituents have to say about his positions.  

We are therefore creating this petition to insist that Duncan Hunter schedule a Public Town Hall meeting in a central location at a venue which can accommodate at least 500 participants.

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San Marcos, CA

To: Representative Duncan D. Hunter
From: [Your Name]

We, the constituents of California's 50th Congressional District, are petitioning our representative, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, to hold a public Town Hall meeting during the State Work Period scheduled from July 31st to September 4th.

We request that the venue be in a centralized location within the district at a venue whose capacity in no less than 500 individuals to accommodate the many constituents who would like to participate.