Divest from CoreCivic NOW

CalPERS CEO Marcie Frost


Detainee Allies and researchers at San Diego State University have received hundreds of letters from refugees and other migrants being held - some for 18 months or longer - at Otay Mesa Detention Center, which is operated by the for-profit company CoreCivic. They report inhumane conditions including insufficient and contaminated food, inadequate health care, abuse, isolation, and forced labor at $1 / day. CalPERS, which invests public employee savings in pension funds, holds stock in CoreCivic. California Assembly Bill 33 calls for CalPERS to divest from CoreCivic. We add our voices calling for divestment!

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We, the undersigned, are State of California employees who invest our retirement savings through CalPERS. We call for CalPERS to immediately divest from CoreCivic, a for-profit operator of prisons and immigrant detention centers. Refugees and other migrants detained in CoreCivic-owned detention centers like Otay Mesa Detention Center near San Diego report inhumane conditions, including inadequate food and health care, abuse from facility workers, isolation, and forced labor at $1 / day. CoreCivic-owned detention centers like Otay Mesa also refuse public oversight through stakeholder tours and visitation programs. Don’t bank our futures on holding refugees in cruel and inhumane conditions. Divest now!