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President Fuchs, Provost Glover, UFBOT Chair Mori Hosseini, UFICO Chief Reeser, SBP Green

UF is a Corporation with assets totaling over $1.92 billion. It is imperative that UF immediately divest this endowment from toxic industries that prey on and contribute to the destruction of Florida communities. Given that this pool of money exists in the name of the entire Gator Nation, we are foremost concerned about removing UF's investments from fossil fuel, human/civil rights abuses, and private prison firms.

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To: President Fuchs, Provost Glover, UFBOT Chair Mori Hosseini, UFICO Chief Reeser, SBP Green
From: [Your Name]

UF administrators have the fiduciary responsibility to divest UF's $1.92 billion endowment and corresponding managed assets from toxic industries including, but not limited to, fossil fuel, human rights abuses, and private prison companies. To do otherwise openly contradicts the UF Foundation Inc.'s mission statement... “to ensure that all fundraising and business operations and activities on behalf of UF are conducted in accordance with the highest standards of ethical conduct.” UF has no business investing in predatory prison companies, environmental destruction, and human rights abuses/militarization firms.

In all, I insist that you: Divest the UF Endowment from fossil fuel industries; close Duke Energy’s Power Plant on campus; commit to making UF LEED Gold Certified producing 75% of its energy via renewable sources by 2030; divest the UF endowment from the prison industry; end IFAS’s use of prison labor and partnership with the Department of Corrections (DOC); divest the UF Endowment from Arms and Surveillance Companies; and add a Divest UF board member to the University of Florida Investment Corporation (UFICO) board. I am not asking UF to throw away money but rather engage in socially responsible investing and obtain returns elsewhere.