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South Carolina Public Service Commitee

Dominion's plan to buy SCE&G is a bad deal for our people, and the planet. If the deal is approved, Ratepayers will get a small discount (less than $22/month). In exchange, we have to keep paying for the VC Summer nuclear debacle for decades. And the Dominion has already let slip that they plan to expand the Atlantic Coast Pipeline into South Carolina and build a new generation of fracked-gas power plants that will poison our air and climate.

We're going to the hearing Friday to set Dominion and the SC-PSC straight, and speak a little truth to their corporate-power-plan.

Dominion initially offered ratepayers a $1,000 refund check, if they were allowed to buy SCE&G, but we would still have had to pay another $2.3 billion over 20 years. That scam was a little obvious, so Dominion changed the deal. Their latest offer is to cut rates by about $22 a month, but it will still require each ratepayer to pay more than $1,600 for the failed nuclear plant before the debt is paid.

That's a raw deal for ratepayers. But the deal is even worse for the planet and our climate. If allowed to buy the utility, Dominion is almost certain to expand their Atlantic Coast Pipeline - a community and climate-wrecking disaster that is already $1.5 billion over budget and month's behind schedule - into South Carolina. In a state blessed with tremendous potential for solar, wind and offshore renewable energy, locking in a Dominion-owned fossil fuel projects for decades is like asking many South Carolinians to sign our own death certificate, and then pay for it in monthly installments.

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Andrew Hudson
Columbia , South Carolina
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Dominion's offer is a bad deal for South Carolina Ratepayers, and for the planet. The Public Service Commission should reject the offer. And we pledge resist this polluting corporation with everything we've got, no matter what they decide.