Don't block health care for all!

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Independent Democratic Leader Sen. Jeff Klein


The New York State Assembly just voted to pass universal health coverage for everyone in our state.

But a group of breakaway Democrats led by Sen. Jeff Klein, and the state Senate Republicans who they’ve allied with and empowered, are protecting the deep-pocketed insurance industry by blocking the bill from even coming to a vote in the Senate. And Governor Cuomo is letting it happen.

At a moment when health care for millions is under attack by Republicans in Washington, we need Jeff Klein and Andrew Cuomo to step up with real solutions – not stand in the way. Tell Gov. Cuomo and Sen. Klein to bring the NY Health Act to a vote in the state Senate!

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To: Governor Andrew Cuomo and Independent Democratic Leader Sen. Jeff Klein
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By passing the NY Health Act, the Assembly is saying that health care is a human right and insurance is a basic service that everyone deserves, no matter their health status or ability to pay. Insurance companies shouldn’t be raking in profits on the backs of the poor, sick and disabled.

Now we need the state Senate to vote on the bill!

While we fight back against Trump and the Republicans’ plan to hand over more power and profit to insurance companies and kick 24 million people off their insurance, we need you to stand up for an alternative: health care for all.

For most people, this isn’t about politics or Albany power games. It’s about whether or not they’ll be able to afford the care they need to survive.

Stop allowing state Senate Republicans, who are in the numerical minority, to block a vote on universal health care!