Don’t let this Jim Crow relic restrict the freedom to vote

U.S. Senate

Right now, at least 389 voter suppression bills have been introduced in states nationwide -- many targeting Black and Brown voters.

At the same time, politicians are gearing up to draw gerrymandered maps rigged for their own partisan advantage. And much of this anti-democracy manipulation is backed by wealthy special interests pouring in millions of dollars -- often in secret.

BEWARE: If the 2022 midterm elections are held under these conditions, millions of eligible Americans could be cut out. This easily -- and quite deliberately -- clears a path back to power for the anti-democracy, conspiracy-peddling forces led by former President Donald Trump.

And as long as Mitch McConnell and his allies in the Senate are allowed to keep abusing the filibuster to block the Freedom to Vote Act -- they’ll be able to keep this dangerous status quo in place.

The filibuster is a parliamentary loophole that requires 60 votes, instead of a simple majority, to advance most bills. It largely took hold during the Jim Crow era -- and was infamously used by racist senators to impede civil rights legislation.

We cannot let this outdated and undemocratic maneuver shut down a bill that will not only implement proven solutions to protect our democracy from the GOP’s anti-voter onslaught -- but that also has vast support from voters in red, blue, and purple states.

The best thing for our democracy would be to abolish the filibuster altogether -- and with enough targeted pressure, we can get it done. But at the very least, our senators -- who we elected to serve us and our democracy -- should be ready to amend the filibuster to make sure pro-voter legislation can pass.

If you agree that the Freedom to Vote Act can’t wait, add your name today and demand that the Senate take swift and bold action.

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Senate Republicans are abusing the filibuster to stop the Freedom to Vote Act from getting a fair up-or-down vote -- making it clear that they think partisan politics should come before equality and democracy.

We cannot let them continue exploiting this Jim Crow relic to rig our democracy, protect corrupt politicians, and more. The Senate must not allow the filibuster to kill the Freedom to Vote Act -- whether that means amending this outdated loophole or abolishing it altogether.